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Personality & Patronus: Tortoiseshell Cats vs Calico

Tortoiseshell cats differ from rest of the cats as they have patches of red, brown, black, chocolate or cream color on them. There are several forms of Tortoiseshell cats, however the most true or complete Tortoiseshell lacks white color.
Tortoiseshell cat is also popularly known has a Tortie and its fur is a mishmash of several colors. Patches on the fur are of different sizes varying from small patterns to large spots of color.  The size of the patch is directly proportionate to the amount of white present on the cat.

Tortoiseshell Cats vs CalicoAlongside the different color combinations, the markings on the fur are not symmetrical at all and the dilution genes are the reason behind different coloring. The patterns are totally asymmetrical and sometimes Tabby patterns of colors are found which are also known as Tortie-tabby or Torbie.
Just above the nose a split face pattern is found by virtue of which there is black color on one side and orange on the other. A tortoiseshell cats basi…
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The Stages Of Life For Newborn Kittens

A newborn kitten is one of the cutest animals on earth. They are tiny, perfect, fuzzy little helpless creatures which need you to help them start a fulfilling new life. Taking care of a newborn kitten is no easy task, but, once you understand the phases of a newborn kitten, as well as what is necessary in each stage, you will be ready to take care of one!
A cat is considered a kitten until it is about two years old. It is considered a newborn from birth until three months. In those three months, the kitten will go through seven phases, each of which is essential to learn about.
When kittens are first born, it is important to leave them alone with their mother as much as possible. She will know exactly how to take care of her baby. If the mother is not present, then you will need to do some work, which I will explain.
The newborn kitten will be pretty helpless until they are about two weeks old. At this point, they should begin opening their eyes for the first time. Although the eyes are …

Cats Bonding With Their Owners

Cats are said to be strictly independent animals. Numerous experts say that cats have chosen to correlate with Man as a result of their strategy of survival. Even though there are lots of arguments with regards to this statement, numerous people seem agree as well – though those who concur are mostly those in the fraction are those who do not like cats.
Each and every cat owner will imply that felines are great at bonding with humans, even if they are very meticulous. Usually, a cat will opt for someone in the house that he bonds with. You will notice when a cat wishes to bond with you, the feline will hop on your lap looking for attention or cuddle with you in bed while you sleep. Purring is a sign of undeniable affection, especially with cats who wants companionship.

Even though numerous experts have tried to understand these behaviors, nobody really understands why a cat selects that specific individual whom they want companionship. It may possibly be the person’s characteristics, to…

Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior

Most people assume that cats act on their own agenda and not pay attention to their owners – provided they have clean litter, food, and water. Like all pets, cats sometimes behave odd. The odd behavior of a cat can mostly bewilder their owners. Most of the times, these odd behaviors make it really hard for their owners to find out what their really want. On the other hand, there are various techniques that you do in order to solve the mysteries of common cat behavior.
The most common cat behavior is when the cat pushes its head into an object. Cats mostly do this on the table legs, TV stands, or other objects. This behavior can be observed when there are other people at your house who own animals. When the cat becomes aware of this, the cat will fondle its head against the person. Consequently, the cat placed a bit of saliva on the person. In its mindset, the cat owns what the cat sets its saliva on.

Those who have an indoor type of pet cat must expect the feline to spend most of the da…

What Is Cardiomyopathy In Cats?

Feline cardiomyopathy is a heart disease in cats. This potentially severe heart disorder could be caused by a taurine deficiency, heredity, or a thyroid condition. The most common kinds of this feline heart disease are hypertropic or dilated cardiomyopathy. Hypertropic cardiomyopathy is a thickening of the heart muscle. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a stretching of the cardiac muscles. Both conditions of feline cardiomyopathy can cause blood clots to form which can block blood flow.
The onset of feline cardiomyopathy may show as lethargy and loss of appetite. A severe case of feline cardiomyopathy may cause difficulty breathing. Paralysis of the rear legs may indicate that blood flow has been blocked by a blood clot. Any paralysis in cats should be evaluated immediately by a veterinarian as it may be caused by this or other dangerous diseases. This paralysis as a complication of feline cardiomyopathy is typically very painful.

Chest x-rays, ultrasound, or an Echocardiogram may be used to di…

How Much Are Bengal Cats?

Hybrids of Leopard Cats and domestic cats have been been known for thousands of years, many believe the Egyptians hybridized them with the native African Wild Cat  which eventually lead to the creation of the Egyptian Mau.
It is also believed by many that the King of Siam hybridized the native Leopard Cats with imported domestic cats to create large muscular cats to protect his palace and is the descendants of the first imported Siamese cats. Much newer and documented Leopard Cat hybrids, including Dr. Greg Kent's accidental breeding of his pet Leopard Cat male who bred a Persian female by chance in 1956 and Jean Sugden's (now Mill's) accidental breeding of her pet Leopard Cat female who bred to a domestic male by chance in 1963, but neither of these had anything to do with the Bengal cat breed known today.
The Bengal cat is a cross between the Egyptian Abyssinian or the Egyptian Mau cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat. Many people would love to have a wild cat as a pet but …

Toyger Cat Breed Information, History, Personality & Behavior

What is a toyger cat?Toyger cats have emerged recently in the cat breed. This feline breed is so fresh, that it has not yet been decided by the original breeder, that what will be the ideal features of Toyger cats. One of the factors that have made it difficult to make certain what will be the ideal features of Toyger cats is that these cats were just recently given out to public, leaving it very difficult to find a pure Toyger cats with ideal attributes out in the public at the moment.
Since the Toyger cats originated as a modification of the Bengal cats, it is very simple to understand why their appearance is similar to that of a tiger. The color is reddish orange or tan coat, with blackish tiger like stripes, that gives it a look of a miniature version of a tiger. Toyger kittens have a nice long tail, with a very muscular body and a coat that is thick, silky and soft, which gives Toyger cat breed a very graceful and smart look.

Even though still evolving, the features ideal to Toyger…