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Australian Mist Cat Price, Personality & Pictures

The Australian Mist Cat is a relatively new cat breed, as far as cat breeds go. It was created by Dr Truda Staede as recently as 1978.

It is a combination of a Burmese, Abyssinian and the Domestic Short Hair. And it’s said to have inherited the laid back nature & loving personality, loved about Burmese; the intelligence and ticked coat of the Abyssinian and the genetic hardiness of the Domestic Shorthair.

funny Australian Mist and friends

The Australian Mist cat breed comes in both Spotted and Marbled, with the latter markings being accepted into the breed in 1998. And the color ranges are brown, blue, chocolate, lilac, caramel, gold and peach.

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A distinctive feature of this cat is its huge green eyes, which are permitted to come in a variety of shades of green. Its body also is medium sized and quite compact. They are hearty eaters, and are prone to becoming overweight if over feed.

They are lively and love people. Even as they mature they never lose their playfulness, whilst also enjoying some quiet time. They love being close to their owners and will favor sticking close to home and the people within it, as opposed to roaming the streets and fighting with other cats.

pictures of Australian Mist Cat

They are easy to care for, as their coat is short and dense. They do need to be brushed weekly at least and they can shed. They have good strong teeth and are also hardy health wise. It would be unusual to encounter health problems in an Australian Mist Cat.

This breed has been created in Australia, however as the word grows both nationally and internationally, breeders report pre-orders in the US, UK and Continental Europe. One breeder speaks of a pair she shipped to Portugal, who months later the own reports are adjusting to life over the other side of the world; apparently they are fluent in Portuguese! 

Another endearing quirk of this breed is how you can teach them to fetch like a dog, sit, and stay and also to walk on a lead. They are a very compliant breed, they don’t get anxious or upset about much. And they love to play and love to love.

Australian Mist cat prices can vary considerably. In a pet store they can cost about $300 - $400 US, but they give them without pedigree and without any certificate confirming that it is pure breed. Individuals usually sell kittens for those prices as well, so it is wise to think well of where you want to get your Australian Mist.

The Australian mist cat is destined to become the new favorite breed!