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Chausie Cat Personality

The Chausie is a new breed of feline accepted for registration and evaluation by TICA. The name “Chausie” comes from the scientific name for the Jungle Cat “Felis Chaus”. The breed is a hybridization or mixture of the Jungle cat and household domestic shorthair cats.

Although still in the developmental stage, there is a TICA approved Breed Standard which makes clear the goal of Chausie breeders to maintain the magnificent grace, size and aura of the Jungle cat in combination with the temperament and eating habits of your favorite house cat.

Chausie Cat Personality, Temperament, and Character, Chausie Kitten

Chausies range in size anywhere from about 14”-18” at the shoulder with male’s weighing between 15-20 pounds. Females are found to be slightly smaller. Because of the easily tamed and friendly nature of Jungle Cats, producing loving and sweet kittens is common even when they have high percentage of wild blood. In most cases they are brought up with a combination of feeding by their cat mother and a human mother with a tiny bottle.

Chausie Cat Personality

Chausies (and all Jungle Cat Hybrids) are extremely active cats who will demand play time. Teaching Chausies to do tricks or play fetch is both fun and easy as they are so eager to please their human companions. They will come when you call them by name; greet you at the door when you come home and sit-up for treats. They display a remarkable sense of intelligence and can be quite mischievous. Never a dull moment!

Chausies get along well with other felines in a household, as well as children and dogs.