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Is It too Expensive to Have a Cat?

I think this article will fit very well to all those who have doubts about whether to have a cat as a pet. "Is it too expensive to have a cat?" Many times they have asked me this question of mine. In the following lines I will try to answer this important question.

To respond with complete knowledge, I wanted to compare my opinion with Lauren, a very good friend, and when I asked her about this adorable animal, it becomes very expensive to have a cat; she smiled and responded that the joy of her company is much greater. 

She thinks that it is possible to assume the cost of products for their food, health and attention, for the happy ones that make them feel.

Cat bring happiness to her owner

Accounts before Buying
My friend Lauren, for example, has been marveling at her dear Milly. Before adopting it he used his calculator and was doing accounts (with the help of his neighbor veterinarian) on the leash, the bed, the vaccines, toys, products for her hygiene, ...

Many of these expenses are mainly in the beginning, when we have nothing. But if we already had a pet, there will be things we already have. Nevertheless, to spend less we can use the internet.

Eat and Sleep
It is important to purchase the appropriate containers for food and drink, articles of various sizes, attractive and functional styles to be provided in stores and allow maintaining hygiene and facilitating the consumption of adequate food.

Marking their space is certain, the veterinarian explained this, that then observed where is the cat felt better and was in that area of the house where it put its very beautiful road.

A sandbox and a shovel have been included in the articles necessary for their physiological needs, whenever it is known to use in case of necessity, which contributes to hygiene. She also bought a brush, comb, nail clippers, and appropriate toys to keep him entertained.

Cat's Health
It is recommended that if the cat is female go to the vet and sterilize it, because when it enters the estrus stage they become quite uneasy. Nor should it be neglected in disease treatments and should be carried out with systematical and consistency, the same for the vaccine cycle and deforming.
To go to the consultation, there are transport boxes that can be taken according to the size of the pet, but there are also several bags suitable for the transportation safely.

When she finished adding in her calculator, Lauren confirmed that the joy of her pet was worth it, and that the cost of what she should have spent for her attention was not so relevant as to compare with what she represents effectively.

And you, what do you think about this?