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What Do You Need To Take Care of A Cat

If you are getting a new kitten, you will probably already have a checklist of things you need to buy before the cat even gets to the house. Let’s have a look through what should be on the checklist:

1. Cat food 
Cat food is obviously essential. It might sound obvious but we've all run out of cat food at one time or another. If you are bringing home a young kitten rather than an adult cat, you might like to choose a special variety of kitten food. 

There are many types of cat food available on the market – biscuit types, wet food in a can and more. Different cats have different preferences and the most expensive cat food you can find is not necessarily the one your cat will enjoy the most.

2. A litter box and cat litter
The best litter is the scoop-able kind. If you have a pooper scooper, you can clean the box yourself every day by scooping out any dirty litter. This means you won’t have to change the whole boxful every couple of days. 

You should change the whole boxful every week or 10 days. Some cats are fussier than others about litter. They might not like scented litter or litter with extra large granules. Experiment and see what works.

3. Cat's Toys
Many people overestimate how many toys their kitten will need. Cats are like children in some ways and might end up ignoring the toy and playing with the box. 

Cats will be pleased with just about anything if they are in a playful mood and cat toys make great gifts for cat owners. If you don't have cat toys or you are on a tight budget, you can make toys which will entertain your cat just as much as store-bought toys. 

Try scrunching some tinfoil into a ball. Your kitten will have hours of fun with that, especially if you hide a prawn or piece of tuna in the center! Empty cotton reels, pen tops, bits of string and just about everything else can make a satisfactory toy for your kitty.

4. Veterinarian and animal shelters
You need to find a good veterinarian, preferably one whose surgery is not too far away. You might not be thinking about this now but if you have the number and address of a good veterinarian, this ensures you can act immediately if you ever require immediate attention from him. 

Cat kitten, veterinarian, feline, doctor

If you have never used a veterinarian before, ask your friends with pets for recommendations. They will tell you about veterinarians they are happy with and those they did not like for some reason. 

You can also ask at local animal shelters, which will be able to tell you the best and the least expensive ones. You might want to check your local phone book for more veterinary listings. Some vets treat all kinds of animals and others are feline only. Check around and see what you have in your neighborhood.

5. Cat brush 
If you have a cat, you are going to need a cat brush for grooming. This not only helps both of you to bond but also helps to control shedding. You will be happy about less fur ending up on your furniture and clothes and if you groom your cat daily, you will reduce the risk of hairballs. 

There are a lot of different brushes on the market and a good idea is to buy one from your veterinarian which suits the kind of hair your cat has. Or you might want to get a wide-tooth comb for tangles and a finer-tooth comb for everything else.

6. All about patience
You will need patience with your new cat. He will be brought to unfamiliar territory when he comes to your home. Let him investigate his new terrain and sniff out strange new smells. Cats do this to learn about their environment. You will need to be patient with her as she tries to learn the rules. Disciplining a dog is nothing like how you discipline a cat. Cats are very determined. You can tell them to get off the kitchen counter, watch her get down, turn around and she is back up there again, grinning at you!

7. Full of love
Perhaps the most important thing any new cat owner needs is love. Look into that cute feline face and it should be immediate. Love is what makes a true cat-lover.

If you have enough love and patience with your new fluffy friend, everything else will work itself out just fine.