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What is Chausie Cat?

The Chausie is a very unique cat, which deceives by his appearance because it is much stronger and more vigorous than it seems. It has a wild appearance, its length and its spots that resemble the cats of the jungle. But despite this appearance, the Chausie is a good temperament, very loyal, intelligent and very curious cat.

Temperament and Character of Chausie Cat

These cats are loyal. They are quickly linked to their owners and can become inseparable companions. Their reproduction has led to levels of great intelligence: sometimes they can steal objects from people. They also often learn to open doors and cabinets, and they love being part of family activities. So, it is very normal when you found your Chausie opening cabinets, doors or getting on top of things.

Chausie Cat's Personality and Temperament Facts

There are people who have them, love them and even managed to train them to fulfill some orders, as a dog would do. If you can earn their trust and respect, they are lovely cats which can create strong emotional bonds.
They can develop deep a great bond with their owners, because they are sociable by nature and very intelligent cats. This breed also needs stimulation and interaction with their owners constantly; otherwise they will stress and not spend anything right.
Chausie cats are hybrids of other breeds with members of the species Felis Chaus, giving results like the Abyssinians. This breed is very athletic and active, so it will remain constantly moving and want to play with people whenever possible. They like to play especially with the ball; they also like the rides being so they can use a strap without any problem.

Develop as athletic and active cats; they require a lot of attention and exercise. If you have a home that does not have these things or you only have a small space, it will be better if you adopt another cat.