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What Is A Serval Cat?

The African Serval cat (Leptailurus Serval) is a medium-sized wild cat from African. The Serval Cat resembles a small Cheetah & is often referred to as a poor man's Cheetah is but it is more closely related to the African Golden Cat and also the Caracal Cat.

 African Serval Size

African Servals are normally 25lbs -45 lbs. A Serval Cat's length is normally 85 cm (34 in), plus 40 cm (16 in) of its tail and at shoulder height is about 21 inches. Serval Cats normally have a long life expectancy of about 13-20 or so years. Servals are a tall slender leopard looking cat, with long legs & tall oval ears that are set close together on top of the head.

African Serval Kitten Images, Personality and Size

The African Serval cat has dwindled in numbers because of human population taking over their territory and the pelt hunting trade. Servals are now successfully bred by many breeders in America.

While Servals Cats are a wild cat breed that can be extremely affectionate and playful. If raised with smaller domestic felines most Servals will get along Serval cat for sale-well & become best friends with them. Some Servals can be litter box trained but many never will...

Although Serval cats are probably the most affectionate wild cat breed they are still more temperamental, much more mischievous and require a lot more care than your average house cat. If you are interested in adopting a African Serval as a house pet I strongly recommend adopting a F-1 or F-2 Savannah cat instead.