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Cats Bonding With Their Owners

Cats are said to be strictly independent animals. Numerous experts say that cats have chosen to correlate with Man as a result of their strategy of survival. Even though there are lots of arguments with regards to this statement, numerous people seem agree as well – though those who concur are mostly those in the fraction are those who do not like cats.
Each and every cat owner will imply that felines are great at bonding with humans, even if they are very meticulous. Usually, a cat will opt for someone in the house that he bonds with. You will notice when a cat wishes to bond with you, the feline will hop on your lap looking for attention or cuddle with you in bed while you sleep. Purring is a sign of undeniable affection, especially with cats who wants companionship.

Even though numerous experts have tried to understand these behaviors, nobody really understands why a cat selects that specific individual whom they want companionship. It may possibly be the person’s characteristics, to…

Common Meanings Of Cat Behavior

Most people assume that cats act on their own agenda and not pay attention to their owners – provided they have clean litter, food, and water. Like all pets, cats sometimes behave odd. The odd behavior of a cat can mostly bewilder their owners. Most of the times, these odd behaviors make it really hard for their owners to find out what their really want. On the other hand, there are various techniques that you do in order to solve the mysteries of common cat behavior.
The most common cat behavior is when the cat pushes its head into an object. Cats mostly do this on the table legs, TV stands, or other objects. This behavior can be observed when there are other people at your house who own animals. When the cat becomes aware of this, the cat will fondle its head against the person. Consequently, the cat placed a bit of saliva on the person. In its mindset, the cat owns what the cat sets its saliva on.

Those who have an indoor type of pet cat must expect the feline to spend most of the da…

What Is Cardiomyopathy In Cats?

Feline cardiomyopathy is a heart disease in cats. This potentially severe heart disorder could be caused by a taurine deficiency, heredity, or a thyroid condition. The most common kinds of this feline heart disease are hypertropic or dilated cardiomyopathy. Hypertropic cardiomyopathy is a thickening of the heart muscle. Dilated cardiomyopathy is a stretching of the cardiac muscles. Both conditions of feline cardiomyopathy can cause blood clots to form which can block blood flow.
The onset of feline cardiomyopathy may show as lethargy and loss of appetite. A severe case of feline cardiomyopathy may cause difficulty breathing. Paralysis of the rear legs may indicate that blood flow has been blocked by a blood clot. Any paralysis in cats should be evaluated immediately by a veterinarian as it may be caused by this or other dangerous diseases. This paralysis as a complication of feline cardiomyopathy is typically very painful.

Chest x-rays, ultrasound, or an Echocardiogram may be used to di…

How Much Are Bengal Cats?

Hybrids of Leopard Cats and domestic cats have been been known for thousands of years, many believe the Egyptians hybridized them with the native African Wild Cat  which eventually lead to the creation of the Egyptian Mau.
It is also believed by many that the King of Siam hybridized the native Leopard Cats with imported domestic cats to create large muscular cats to protect his palace and is the descendants of the first imported Siamese cats. Much newer and documented Leopard Cat hybrids, including Dr. Greg Kent's accidental breeding of his pet Leopard Cat male who bred a Persian female by chance in 1956 and Jean Sugden's (now Mill's) accidental breeding of her pet Leopard Cat female who bred to a domestic male by chance in 1963, but neither of these had anything to do with the Bengal cat breed known today.
The Bengal cat is a cross between the Egyptian Abyssinian or the Egyptian Mau cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat. Many people would love to have a wild cat as a pet but …

Toyger Cat Breed Information, History, Personality & Behavior

What is a toyger cat?Toyger cats have emerged recently in the cat breed. This feline breed is so fresh, that it has not yet been decided by the original breeder, that what will be the ideal features of Toyger cats. One of the factors that have made it difficult to make certain what will be the ideal features of Toyger cats is that these cats were just recently given out to public, leaving it very difficult to find a pure Toyger cats with ideal attributes out in the public at the moment.
Since the Toyger cats originated as a modification of the Bengal cats, it is very simple to understand why their appearance is similar to that of a tiger. The color is reddish orange or tan coat, with blackish tiger like stripes, that gives it a look of a miniature version of a tiger. Toyger kittens have a nice long tail, with a very muscular body and a coat that is thick, silky and soft, which gives Toyger cat breed a very graceful and smart look.

Even though still evolving, the features ideal to Toyger…

20 Great Ideas For Tortoiseshell Cat Names

The great thing about having a Tortoiseshell cat is that you can be very creative about a name for it. Also, you can name it depending on the color and pattern of its coat. 
The names won’t change a great deal whether they are male or female since they are all cute in the same way. Also characteristics to Tortoiseshell and Calico cats, they have many colors so naming them appropriately is important. After all, they are an adorable creature.

For your ease, we have compiled a list of 20 great ideas for Tortoiseshell cat names. So you can either use the suggestions given below or you can hope to come up with something even more cute and appropriate for your cat! Tortoiseshell Cat NamesHere are some great ideas that you could use to name your Tortoiseshell cat: TrufflesTobaccoCloudy TigerTortieMochaLatteNutmegCinnamonChocolateMarbleEsmereldaIsisCeriseSabrinaNatashaMarmaladeNataliaCallistoCameoAmber

Good luck, do let us know what ideas you come up with to name your Tortoiseshell cat.

Calico Cats Females - Why Are Most Calico Cats Female?

Calico cat females are the most dominant type of this kind due to some sex chromosome factors. This must not be mistaken as a type of breed because it only refers to the extraordinary coloring that may happen in many breeds like Persian, Manx or the Domestic Short Hair ones. So what define the Calico? First, the animal must have three colors. They can have spots of they may have parti-colored coat. Its fur may have patches that come in colors black, orange or red and white.
In Japan, female Calico cats or even the rare males are referred to as mi-ke, which means triple fur. In Dutch, they use the term lapjeskat that means patches cat. Many people mistake this type of cat as breed, so you have to bear this in mind as you go and try to find out more about this color-coded cat. To be sure, you can check on the official list of the different breeds of cats and you won’t find it there. Another common misconception about this is that it is the same as the tortoiseshell cats, but this is not …

Calico Cats Male - Are There Male Calico Cats?

You are greatly interested in purchasing Calico cats males that is why you are doing lots of research about the topic. You have been looking for it under the list of breeds of cats and you were very surprised that it is not included in it. You are not alone with this kind of misconception. A lot of people think that this is a kind of breed when the fact is that this is a type of color pattern on the animal’s fur.
Calico cats males can be of any breed, such as British Shorthair, Siamese, Persian, American Shorthair, Manx and other cats that are considered to be non-pedigree. These cats have spotted coats with three colors. The base of the coat is white and the patches can be orange or black. Such patches create some confusion to other people and they mistake it for the Tortoiseshell cats. These have coats in colors orange and black, and the patches come in white, which is the exact opposite of the Calico types.

The male kinds of this type are rare because most of its kinds are females. T…

Calico Cats Personality, Colors & Facts

Calico cats are very beautiful cats that have a unique print of spotted colors all over their bodies. These cats are only found to be female for the most part, and it is very rare to find a male Calico cat. Learn more about these unique cats with Calico cats personality, colors & facts.

Calico Cat Personality TraitsCalico cats are very unique and independent; therefore they make wonderful pets; great for people that need any easy pet to take care of since independent cats are not high maintenance.

Most cats are independent, but at some point they still need lots of loving and caressing. Some owners of cats might make the mistake of assuming that their cat does not need as much love and petting as other cats or animals because of their independence. This is a wrong determination though, because all pets need lots of love and care; even the ones that don’t seem to have the need to be loved on or petted much.

Facts About Calico CatsThe reason that Calico cats are mainly female is becau…

Why Do Cats Sneeze??

What does it mean when a cat sneezes? The occasional sneeze from your cat is nothing to worry about. Like you and me, they're susceptible to random irritants in the air and it's the body's way of trying to get rid of these irritants. Why is my cat sneezing?These can include household dust and the finer particles in cat litter, and because cats use their sense of smell to investigate anything they're likely to sniff in particles and sneeze. You might notice that your cat sneezes if you use a spray like household polish or air freshener and you need to make sure that you don't use these sprays in high concentration near your cat as they can act not only as irritants but can inflame their air passages too.
If you hear a sneezing feline in the garden he has probably been investigating flowers and bees and has sniffed up some pollen which has irritated his nose. Sometimes cats develop a form of hay fever in the summer months when pollen levels are high, and this will resu…

Canned or Dry Cat Food - Which Type Should I Feed My Cat?

The question as to which is healthier to feed your cat, canned or dry food, really begins with the ingredient label. Both have supporters and opponents.
Many commercial cat foods contain a large amount of grain products in their dry foods. Your cat should be eating a diet high in animal protein in order to get all the nutrients she needs and grain products, though fine for some other nutrients, are not sufficient primary protein sources.
Additionally, cats in nature take in much of their necessary daily hydration through the food they eat. By feeding dry food, an owner must ensure that the cat is also drinking enough water. Dehydration is a risk for several different diseases including kidney disease and bladder stones; likewise, water is needed to maintain a cat’s healthy urinary tract.

Many owners prefer dry food because it’s thought by some to be less conducive to tartar and gum disease by cleaning teeth; however, no studies exist to prove such claims. And cats still require a visit t…

Meet Munchkin: A Cat With Short Legs

The Munchkin cat breed has thick torsos and short legs. Munchkin cats may have a slight bowing of the leg bones. Munchkin cats began with a naturally occurring mutation of domestic cats born with disproportionately short legs. It was not until the 1980’s that short-legged cats were bred with the intent of establishing the Munchkin cat breed even though the existence of short-legged domestic cats has been documented for decades prior.
A short-legged female cat named Blackberry was discovered in Louisiana. Blackberry’s litters were half regular-sized kittens and half short-legged Munchkin kittens. Toulouse, a male Munckin kitten of Blackberry’s was also used to establish the Munchkin cat breed. The Munchkin cat breed is recognized as one of the cat breeds with championship eligibility by The International Cat Association (TICA). However, the Munchkin cat breed is not recognized by the Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) of the United States.
Munchkin cats personality Munchkin cats are sociable…

3 Main Types of Siamese Cats

Though some people may argue that there are numerous different kinds of Siamese cats, there are three main types of Siamese cats. The difference of opinion over the number of types of Siamese cats may stem from the fact that there has been a considerable amount of crossbreeding of Siamese to begin other breeds such as the Tonkinese and Peterbald cat breeds. There has also been selective breeding to alter the characteristics of Siamese cats.
The three main types of Siamese cats are Traditional Siamese, Classic Siamese, and Modern Siamese. The Traditional Siamese cat is considered the original type of Siamese cats to be exported from Siam, now known as Thailand. Traditional Siamese cats have heavy skeletal structure and round faces which are characteristics that most people do not associate with Siamese cats at all. Traditional Siamese cats are also known as Apple-Head Siamese cats. Applehead Siamese cats and Classic Siamese cats are sometimes considered the same type of Siamese cat and …

Why Do Cats Cough Up Hairballs?

When cats groom themselves, they ingest the dead, loose hair from their coats. For many cats, this does not pose a problem. The digestive tract of felines was meant to pass hair from grooming as well as fur from prey. When functioning properly, the hair will be eliminated in the cat’s waste.
So, if a cat was meant to pass this hair safely and easily from their stomachs, why do cats cough up hairballs? For many domestic cats, sometimes the hair gets trapped in the stomach. This is especially true for longhaired cats, but often affects shorthaired cat as well. The hair in the stomach may form a small clump of hair that lies in the stomach. This clump of hair irritates the stomach and causes the cat to cough up hairballs.

For most cats, coughing up hairballs occasionally does not cause any further hairball problems. If a cat is trying to cough up a hairball and the cough fails to expel the hairball, the cat owner should consider either seeking advice from a veterinarian or trying a hairbal…

Savannah Cat Lifespan, Diet, Personality, & Size

Savannah cats are an amazing cat breed. With striking horizontal spotting and dark tear drops its no secret that Savannah cats are exotic looking. But the amazing part is they are actually considered a domestic cat breed and one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. Here are some information on Savannah cat lifespan, diet, personality, and size. Savannah Cat DietA Savannah cat’s diet should contain little grain content plus high in protein. Savannah cats cannot digest high grain content in commercial cat food. It’s extremely important you do not purchase cat foods that contain grains like corn as a main ingredient. Savannah cats do best on a high protein cat food diet that has higher levels of taurine. List of recommended cat foods: Taste of the Wild for cats (No grains added)Blue Buffalo Cat Food (No grains added with cranberries)Dry Evo for cats (Expensive 90% Meat)Canned Evo for cats (90% meat as a treat only not a whole diet)

All the above foods can be purchased at a local…

European Burmese Cats History, Colors, & Personality

The European Burmese is from the same origin as the Burmese cats of the United States. Both cat breeds are descendents of Wong Mau, the first Burmese cat imported to the United States. To preserve this cat’s characteristics, it was bred with similar, Siamese cats. As the cat breed grew, some Burmese cats were imported to the United Kingdom where they became founders of the European Burmese cat breed. For the sake of genetic diversity, European cat breeders bred the imported Burmese cats with Siamese cats.
Even though the European Burmese cat breed was recognized by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy in England in the 1950’s, European Burmese cats were not accepted for Championship status in the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the United States until 2000. There are some significant differences between the Burmese and European Burmese cat breeds despite their shared origin. The bodies of Burmese cats are compact and well-rounded while European Burmese cats are medium-sized, more slender, w…

How To Treat A Cat Wound?

Cat owners should take care when handling an injured cat. Even a cat that is mild tempered and friendly can lash out aggressively when injured. Cat owners need to protect themselves and secure the cat so that they can transport the cat for treatment or give proper first aid for a minor injury.
Injured cats may bite or scratch their owner whether or not that would be typical behavior under normal circumstances. A cat owner may find using a towel to pick up the cat helpful in reducing the anxiety of the cat and protecting the owner from injury. The cat owner should avoid any jerky movements which could exacerbate the cat injury. Handling Injured CatsWhen picking up an injured cat, the cat’s body weight should be supported. This can be done by placing an arm under the cat and lifting the cat from underneath. The cat owner can then cradle the cat against the owner’s body. If the cat is showing signs of aggression, a blanket can be used to help restrain the cat. Wrapping a blanket around the…

Supplements For Old Cats

The nutritional needs for a cat can change as a cat ages. Many pet food and pet supply companies market supplements that are designed for senior cats. Before a cat owner purchases or gives a senior cat supplements, the cat owner should consult a veterinarian about the cat owner’s concerns. A veterinarian has access to research and has experience in caring for senior cats in the best way possible.
Other senior cat supplements target a specific need or medical condition that can be troublesome to senior cats. The cat owner should be skeptical of claims that seem to good to be true. The veterinarian is the best judge of whether or not a cat could benefit from supplements.
If a senior cat has a nutritious diet, the cat should not need supplements. However, if a cat has a recurrent problem, there may be a supplement that could help prevent recurrences. As cats age, many have problems with digestion. Some supplements for senior cats help promote digestion. A senior cat that experiences consti…

Herbal Treatments For Cats

Herbal treatments for cats are used to treat a variety of problems or concerns. The uses of herbal treatments for cat health are becoming popular as people gravitate towards natural remedies. Some herbal treatments can be used to alleviate physical problems or problems with temperament such as aggression or anxiety.
Alfalfa sprouts are an herbal treatment for cat kidney problems and to boost the cat’s immune system. Ginseng is an herbal treatment for cats that is thought to help cats fight infection, help wounds heal, and help with leukemia. Ginseng may also help with diabetes mellitus. Dandelion is sometimes used to improve digestive health, gall bladder, and liver functioning. It can be used to help reduce skin irritation.
Echinacea is used in cats and humans to boost the immune system. It is not as effective when used over extended periods of time. Brief periods of use are recommended. Echinacea should not be used on cats that have certain conditions including feline immunodeficiency…

What is The Best Diabetic Cat Food?

What is the best food for a diabetic cat?This is a question that owners of cats with diabetes ask often.You may be surprised at the answer. Diabetic Cats Should Never Eat Dry FoodAccording to Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, a diabetic feline should NEVER be fed dry cat food.  This flies in the face of the traditional veterinary ideas that say that feline diabetes can be managed successfully by feeding a high-fiber dry food.  Why does she feel this way?
She has two reasons.  The first is that dry cat foods usually prescribed for diabetic cats are extremely high in carbohydrates.  In fact, because prescription diets are also low in fat, the fat is replaced with even MORE carbs.  Too many carbs is what leads to weight gain in cats, along with high blood sugar levels.

When you feed a diabetic cat a food that’s high in carbohydrates, you’re pouring fuel on the fire.
Secondly, cats’ don't need all that fiber in their diets.  Cats are obligatory carnivores.  This means they should get most of their…