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3 Main Types of Siamese Cats

Though some people may argue that there are numerous different kinds of Siamese cats, there are three main types of Siamese cats. The difference of opinion over the number of types of Siamese cats may stem from the fact that there has been a considerable amount of crossbreeding of Siamese to begin other breeds such as the Tonkinese and Peterbald cat breeds. There has also been selective breeding to alter the characteristics of Siamese cats.

The three main types of Siamese cats are Traditional Siamese, Classic Siamese, and Modern Siamese. The Traditional Siamese cat is considered the original type of Siamese cats to be exported from Siam, now known as Thailand. Traditional Siamese cats have heavy skeletal structure and round faces which are characteristics that most people do not associate with Siamese cats at all. Traditional Siamese cats are also known as Apple-Head Siamese cats. Applehead Siamese cats and Classic Siamese cats are sometimes considered the same type of Siamese cat and are labeled as Traditional, but this ignores the differences between the two types.

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The Classic Siamese cat has a slight wedge-shape to its face. The Classic Siamese cats are also thought to have originated in Siam. Classic Siamese cats have substantial bone structure that is heavier that the fine-boned Modern Siamese cat, but not quite as heavily boned as the Traditional Siamese cat. The face of the Classic Siamese cat has a wide wedge shape.

The Modern Siamese cat is also called the Extreme Wedge Siamese. The Modern Siamese cats have the slender bodies and wedge-shaped face that most people associate with Siamese cats. The Extreme Wedge Siamese was produced through selective breeding to obtain these characteristics.

The elongated, svelte body, narrow wedge face, and large ears of the Modern Siamese cat became part of the standard for the Siamese cat breed. The Traditional and Classic Siamese cats were largely forgotten and became rarer and less popular. Some people have worked to support and maintain the two original types of Siamese cats. Many people admire all types of Siamese cats and the reputable cat breeders of all three types, but some are biased against the Modern Siamese. The Modern Siamese cat is considered by some to be the product of irresponsible cat breeding practices.