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6 Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Most people often don't know anything about cat behaviors and what they mean, thinking that every cat behavior is very odd. For instance, if cats gave clean litter, water and fresh food, they don't pay attention to their owners.

Therefore, most people are not really aware when their cats need anything. You should no longer be confused about cat behaviors and what they mean, as this article will reveal certain things that will enable you to start taking care of your pet.

Rubbing The Face Against You
You might have noticed your cat rubbing her face against you; this is a way of greeting you, showing affection. The cat may also do this to you when returning from a place you were interacting with another cat or petting that cat. Your cat will easily sniff you and discover the smell of the other cat, then rubbing over you to get rid of that other cats smell.

Purring Contentedly
The cat does this to show that she is at peace in your home and the surrounding. The cat can also purr when being petted, sleeping or when contented. Purring may also be done when the cat is in extreme pain, done to calm her. In most cases, it is to show contentment and happiness.

Scratching Furniture

Find Out 6 Cat Behaviors and What They Mean

Your cat may also scratch her claws against the furniture. This is usually done to mark the territory as hers or to clean her nails.

Kneading is the most common domestic cat behavior. You may discover that your little kitten is kneading your favorite pillow, sweater, comforter, your hair or even your lap. This is the rhythmic motion which pushes the claws in and out. Kneading also helps to promote milk flow. Kneading can also be done to show that she is satisfied and contended in your lap; a sign of love for you.

Licking You
 When your cat is licking your body, it is showing affection towards you. You may find licking you to be somehow weird and being tickled; but this is not a problem.

Head Butting You
 When your cat is head butting you, it is a tactic that is used in spreading her scent, just as it is done when rubbing against things. Your cat can also do this to show that she needs petting. Your cat may even butt her head against you and hold it there, as a way of saying, “I bring my head to you, pet it.

You will enjoy your cat if you know her behaviors and what they mean. If you don't know, cats love to play, and love to be played with. They can even surprise you when they pounce on things suddenly; that is a natural thing that should be expected.

Preventing the natural cat behaviors is encouraging your cat to start behaving negatively, making you to end up with many broken things at home. Therefore, from today, start seeing your cat as a living being with its own way of expressing its feelings.