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Burmese Cat Personality & Temperament

In this article I am going to talk about the Burmese cat, and why I choose to own one. Hopefully if you are thinking about getting a cat or a new cat, you will opt for the Burmese cat. I firmly believe that (although I love all cats) the Burmese offers you the best of both worlds when it comes to independence and companionship! They have a one of a kind personality which I believe sets them apart from other breeds! 

The Burmese Cat is one the best cat breed, there is I will explain why!

Burmese Cat Lifespan: 12 20 years
Maintenance: low

The Burmese cat is often referred to as a brick wrapped in silk, this is usually because of their dainty slender frame and silky short coat however they can be solid as a rock as they are quite a muscular cat. The Burmese cat has gold colored eyes and an assortment of coat colors including brown, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, red, lilac-cream (also called lilac tortoiseshell), blue tortoiseshell chocolate tortoiseshell and brown tortoiseshell.

Burmese Cat Personality:

As well as an elegant beautiful appearance the Burmese Cat has one of the best personalities when it comes to cats. The Burmese is known as the dog persons cat If you you share a home with a dog lover then the Burmese is an ideal fit! The Burmese is people orientated and would rather spend an evening curled up on you lap then off on their own. Unlike most Cats the Burmese wants to spend time with you and loves play and attention. Some Burmese have even been trained to fetch :)

Burmese have also been known to act like a playful kitten throughout their entire life.

Burmese Cat Temperament: Playful, Affectionate

Burmese are also very stubborn. Once they have a mind to do something, that’s it and it will take a lot to deter them! This will include, preventing you from, working at your computer, wrapping birthday presents or helping you make your bed.

Burmese Cat Lifespan, Breed Information, etc

Burmese love to talk and will also announce themselves when they walk into a room. Be careful because if you are out of the house too long you might find a lovely collage of toilet paper around your house.

Burmese can however entertain themselves; if you are away a lot then a second Burmese might be ideal for company. However once you have a Burmese in your life, it will be very hard to ever leave them alone.

Care required:
Like many oriental breeds of cat the Burmese are generally lactose intolerant, so NO MILK. Burmese are also slightly more susceptible to some respiratory illnesses, however a good quality breeder and regular vet checkups will mean that you’re Burmese can always be fighting fit!

Ideal owner:

The ideal owner is someone who wants all the qualities of both a dog and a cat in one. The Burmese is a low maintenance pet that requires little exercise and health monitoring, yet features all the affection and energy of a dog. If you want a very fun and active pet who will love you unconditionally, then the Burmese cat is for you.