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Calico Cats Females - Why Are Most Calico Cats Female?

Calico cat females are the most dominant type of this kind due to some sex chromosome factors. This must not be mistaken as a type of breed because it only refers to the extraordinary coloring that may happen in many breeds like Persian, Manx or the Domestic Short Hair ones. So what define the Calico? First, the animal must have three colors. They can have spots of they may have parti-colored coat. Its fur may have patches that come in colors black, orange or red and white.

In Japan, female Calico cats or even the rare males are referred to as mi-ke, which means triple fur. In Dutch, they use the term lapjeskat that means patches cat. Many people mistake this type of cat as breed, so you have to bear this in mind as you go and try to find out more about this color-coded cat. To be sure, you can check on the official list of the different breeds of cats and you won’t find it there. Another common misconception about this is that it is the same as the tortoiseshell cats, but this is not accurate. The latter’s coat comes in colors orange and black. Its patches usually come in colors white and tortoiseshell, hence its name.

Calico Cats Females

It has been proven that this type of cat cannot be cloned if the intention is to create the same patterns. This is due to the fact that the coat coloring alone cannot be reproduced.

More studies are being conducted on the existence of these cats. These have given important clues on the differences of male and female mammals in terms of the physiological aspect.

Buying Guide

The female ones, of course, are the types that you will find on various pet stores. The rarity of the other gender makes it more expensive as well, but it is also very hard to find. If you are going to buy any kind online, you have to be sure that the colors on their coat are real. You have to inspect the animal and ask about its history and breed to be certain that these are indeed Calico cats females or the other gender, if ever you will be able to spot one.