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Calico Cats Male - Are There Male Calico Cats?

You are greatly interested in purchasing Calico cats males that is why you are doing lots of research about the topic. You have been looking for it under the list of breeds of cats and you were very surprised that it is not included in it. You are not alone with this kind of misconception. A lot of people think that this is a kind of breed when the fact is that this is a type of color pattern on the animal’s fur.

Calico cats males can be of any breed, such as British Shorthair, Siamese, Persian, American Shorthair, Manx and other cats that are considered to be non-pedigree. These cats have spotted coats with three colors. The base of the coat is white and the patches can be orange or black. Such patches create some confusion to other people and they mistake it for the Tortoiseshell cats. These have coats in colors orange and black, and the patches come in white, which is the exact opposite of the Calico types.

Calico Cats Male

The male kinds of this type are rare because most of its kinds are females. This is due to sex chromosome factors. Aside from being rare, the male ones are said to be sterile because of the irregularity of the occurrence of two X chromosomes.

This type goes by many names depending on the country. In Japan, this is referred to as mi-ke and Dutch calls this lapjeskat. In other places, this is also called Clouded Tiger, Calamanco and Tricolor Cat.

Calico male cats buying guide

If you are interested to purchase this type, you ought to check various online stores and the pet stores near you. If you have decided to buy one online, you have to check the integrity of the site or the seller. It is essential that you also check the veracity of the kind of cat. It cannot be helped that there are other sellers who will try to recreate the look of the cat by painting its coat. This is what you should be in the lookout for.

The rarity of male calico cats makes it more expensive, so you have to prepare a bigger budget if this is what you really intend to get.