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Calico Cats Personality, Colors & Facts

Calico cats are very beautiful cats that have a unique print of spotted colors all over their bodies. These cats are only found to be female for the most part, and it is very rare to find a male Calico cat. Learn more about these unique cats with Calico cats personality, colors & facts.

Calico Cat Personality Traits

Calico cats are very unique and independent; therefore they make wonderful pets; great for people that need any easy pet to take care of since independent cats are not high maintenance.

Fact About Calico Cats With Colors and Personality

Most cats are independent, but at some point they still need lots of loving and caressing. Some owners of cats might make the mistake of assuming that their cat does not need as much love and petting as other cats or animals because of their independence. This is a wrong determination though, because all pets need lots of love and care; even the ones that don’t seem to have the need to be loved on or petted much.

Facts About Calico Cats

The reason that Calico cats are mainly female is because the color of their fur is all based upon their genetics.

The chromosomes of the female Calc cat are two “X” chromosomes, and they male cat only has one “X” chromosome along with one “Y” chromosome. The “X” chromosome is where the orange and black color would come from as far as genetics.

The color white comes from some other genes that the cat might have. Since the female has two “X” chromosomes, this would explain the reason why her coat would have orange, black, and white colors. In the male, one “X” chromosome will only get him one of either color such as a fully black coat, or an orange coat. This would be the reason why the majority of Calico cats would be female rather than male.

However, some male cats carry a genetic that causes them to have “XXY” chromosomes in a rare case which can cause them to have the calico features. Since the “XXY” chromosomes of the male cat or abnormal, this would cause the cat to be sterile and unable to reproduce with a female cat.

Calico Cat Colors

Calico cat do not really belong to a particular breed of cats; they are only different in color compared to any other cat. Another cat that has the same mixed spotted pattern that they Calico cat has, is known as the tortoiseshell cats. In order for a cat to be identified as a Calico cat, there are three colors that they have on their fur. Those three colors include black, white and orange. There are usually patches of these colors all over their backs and their faces. The colors kind of mix in or connect with each other rather than being spread out like spots.

The Calico cat was named as the state cat of Maryland because their colors resemble the Baltimore Orion which would be the state bird of Maryland. There is another type of Calico cat that is also known as the Muted Calico because instead of the three colors being orange, black, and white, they are white, blue, and cream.