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Cat Scratching - Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

Cat scratching is one of the most common problems shared by various cat owners. It’s not exactly thrilling to see how your expensive house furniture has been mauled and scratched by your adorable pet kitties. So what you’re aiming to do in order to save your furniture from your cat’s claws is to find a solution to the problem.

To begin with, you must understand that it’s technically impossible for you to put a stop to your cat’s terrible habit. Scratching, regardless of how annoying it may be for humans, is a natural behavior among cats. Scratching is in inherent for cats, whether they live in the wild or inside the comforts of a human household.

However, you can actually find a way to save your furniture without having to throw away your cat. The best thing you can do to avoid your cat from scratching what could probably be one of the most expensive pieces in the house, is to provide them with something to play with. Cat scratchers and toys are obviously the perfect solution.

If you’re keen enough, you can find an overwhelming number of choices for cat scratchers and toys lying around. You can find them in your nearby pet retailer store, at flea markets, or even online.

Right after you’ve found the right place to shop for various cat scratchers and toys, like the best cat scratchers, the next thing you need to worry about is choosing the best kind of item for your cat. Make sure that what you choose is durable enough to survive for a long time and is sturdy enough to support your cat’s weight.

Cat Scratching - Understanding Your Cat’s Behavior

It also helps if you make the effort to purchase the prettiest, softest and probably the most luxurious scratching post you can come across. After all, you don’t want your cat to just ignore the scratching post you just bought and eventually revert back to scratching furniture, right?

After you’ve chosen the right scratching post for your pet, the next thing you should work on knows how to train your cat to get used to his scratching post. Just like everything else, your cat needs to get used to his/her new toy.

You can start by taking your cat’s front paws and guiding them to make scratching motions at the newly bought scratching post. Normally, you have to make sure to do this regularly in order for your cat to adapt to this new routine. Otherwise, he/she will go back to the house furniture where he/she has grown attached to. Once your cat starts to move towards the scratching post without you having to guide him or her, the best thing you can do to keep up this behavior is to reward him/her with treats.

Try to be creative in doing so; you know your own cat, so it’s probably only you who knows best how to woo him/her.