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Cats Bonding With Their Owners

Cats are said to be strictly independent animals. Numerous experts say that cats have chosen to correlate with Man as a result of their strategy of survival. Even though there are lots of arguments with regards to this statement, numerous people seem agree as well – though those who concur are mostly those in the fraction are those who do not like cats.

Each and every cat owner will imply that felines are great at bonding with humans, even if they are very meticulous. Usually, a cat will opt for someone in the house that he bonds with. You will notice when a cat wishes to bond with you, the feline will hop on your lap looking for attention or cuddle with you in bed while you sleep. Purring is a sign of undeniable affection, especially with cats who wants companionship.

Cats Behavior

Even though numerous experts have tried to understand these behaviors, nobody really understands why a cat selects that specific individual whom they want companionship. It may possibly be the person’s characteristics, tone of voice, or how that individual cares for the cat. Maybe it is the individual’s gentle or a little more forceful personality – in bringing about the best of the feline.

There are several techniques that researchers have tried with regards to this matter. Several researchers state that cats bond with an individual because of the individual’s “psychic aura” that is attuned to both the individual and the feline. If the feline senses that the individual is creating bad vibrations, the cat will pay no attention to that individual. Even if this assessment is true to for some, many cat owners will say to you that this could not be any further from the truth.

Although there are lots of speculation and assumption regarding the matter, no one knows the reason why felines bond with humans. There is little to no evidence presented as well, except cats and their nature for physical survival. Cat owners know that cats long for attention just to make them feel wanted. They like to be pampered by their masters, and will overwhelm you with interest and warmth if you just give them the opportunity to do so.

Cats are not like other pets, in the sense that they bond in a particular manner. Different feline breeds bonds different with their owners, though the majority of them opt for warmth and attention. As passes by, you will discover that the bond you crafted with your feline pet matures and can not be broken.