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European Burmese Cats History, Colors, & Personality

The European Burmese is from the same origin as the Burmese cats of the United States. Both cat breeds are descendents of Wong Mau, the first Burmese cat imported to the United States. To preserve this cat’s characteristics, it was bred with similar, Siamese cats. As the cat breed grew, some Burmese cats were imported to the United Kingdom where they became founders of the European Burmese cat breed. For the sake of genetic diversity, European cat breeders bred the imported Burmese cats with Siamese cats.

Even though the European Burmese cat breed was recognized by the Governing Council of Cat Fancy in England in the 1950’s, European Burmese cats were not accepted for Championship status in the Cat Fanciers’ Association in the United States until 2000. There are some significant differences between the Burmese and European Burmese cat breeds despite their shared origin. The bodies of Burmese cats are compact and well-rounded while European Burmese cats are medium-sized, more slender, with slightly rounded features.

European Burmese Cats Colors Pattern

The body of European Burmese cats should neither be excessively cobby nor as elongated as the Siamese. The eyes of these two cat breeds also show a marked difference. Burmese cats have rounded eyes, but the eyes of European Burmese cats are slanted towards the nose. European Burmese are available in more colors than Burmese cats. While Burmese cats have only four possible colorings, the European Burmese has ten.

The possible coloring patterns of European Burmese are either solid or parti-color. Brown, chocolate, blue, cream, lilac, and red are the possible solid colors. The red color is a warm apricot. European Burmese cats of red and cream colors can have slight tabby markings on their faces. The parti-colorings of European Burmese cats are tortoiseshell coloring that can be blue-tortie, brown-tortie, chocolate-tortie, or lilac-tortie. Their expressive eyes can be yellow to amber in color. Eyes of deeper tones are preferred by CFA standards.

European Burmese cats are people-oriented and make devoted pets. They are affectionate and intelligent. The European Burmese cat breed is not typically domineering nor do European Burmese cats tend to have difficulty adjusting to other pets.