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How Much Are Bengal Cats?

Hybrids of Leopard Cats and domestic cats have been been known for thousands of years, many believe the Egyptians hybridized them with the native African Wild Cat  which eventually lead to the creation of the Egyptian Mau.

It is also believed by many that the King of Siam hybridized the native Leopard Cats with imported domestic cats to create large muscular cats to protect his palace and is the descendants of the first imported Siamese cats. Much newer and documented Leopard Cat hybrids, including Dr. Greg Kent's accidental breeding of his pet Leopard Cat male who bred a Persian female by chance in 1956 and Jean Sugden's (now Mill's) accidental breeding of her pet Leopard Cat female who bred to a domestic male by chance in 1963, but neither of these had anything to do with the Bengal cat breed known today.

The Bengal cat is a cross between the Egyptian Abyssinian or the Egyptian Mau cat and the wild Asian Leopard cat. Many people would love to have a wild cat as a pet but wild cats are hard to live with.

 Bengal cat price range

The wild Asian leopard cat is hardly suitable to live with because of their shyness as well as certain behavior and temperament traits which keep them from doing well with humans. Humans usually have expectations of closeness and behavior patterns that the wild Asian leopard cat cannot meet as a household companion.

Most Bengal females are between 8-12 pounds and most males are between 12-18 pounds. They have short, silky hair and are very athletic (loving to jump high up at their toys). Many of the later and some of early generations have glitter which looks like someone sprinkled gold dust all over them. Glitter is at the tip of the hair and reflects light, giving this impression. Owning a Bengal is a cool experience that everyone should have at least once in their life. But

Bengal cat price range

All registered, pedigreed cats, including the Bengal, are priced according to quality. Quality refers to the evaluation of the kitten to the Bengal Standard. There are two qualities: Pet and Breeder.

Bengal kitten’s price are evaluated and priced according to the individual merits of each specific cat when they are approximately five weeks old. Bengal cat price range varies from $1,000 to $1,200 for pet kittens (average $1,000), and the price range varies $1,800-$2,500 for Breeders (average $2,000).