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How To Treat A Cat Wound?

Cat owners should take care when handling an injured cat. Even a cat that is mild tempered and friendly can lash out aggressively when injured. Cat owners need to protect themselves and secure the cat so that they can transport the cat for treatment or give proper first aid for a minor injury.

Injured cats may bite or scratch their owner whether or not that would be typical behavior under normal circumstances. A cat owner may find using a towel to pick up the cat helpful in reducing the anxiety of the cat and protecting the owner from injury. The cat owner should avoid any jerky movements which could exacerbate the cat injury.

 Handling Injured Cats

When picking up an injured cat, the cat’s body weight should be supported. This can be done by placing an arm under the cat and lifting the cat from underneath. The cat owner can then cradle the cat against the owner’s body. If the cat is showing signs of aggression, a blanket can be used to help restrain the cat. Wrapping a blanket around the cat can help make the cat feel more secure and help prevent injury to the cat owner. The cat owner may want to place the aggravated cat into a box to transport to the veterinarian’s office.

Handling Injured Cats

If the injured cat is unconscious, carefully lifting the cat and placing it in a box may be the easiest and safest way to transport the cat to the veterinarian. A towel can be placed over the cat’s body to reduce a loss of body heat. A cat that is severely injured may go into shock which adds to the seriousness of the cat’s condition.

A cat owner should try to avoid shifting the cat’s position too much if the cat is unconscious or may have back, neck, or head injuries. Carefully lifting the cat and setting it in a box can help minimize further movement. The cat should be taken immediately to the veterinarian or animal hospital. With proper precautions, the cat owner can usually prevent further trauma to the cat and safely transport the cat to the veterinarian’s office.