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Picking out the Right Scratching Post for Your Cat

Your cat is probably one of the most precious things that live inside your house. However, regardless of how your adorable pet may be, it may still irk you to see most of your house furniture scratched and mauled by your cat’s claws. 

So in order to save your expensive furniture from destruction without having to stifle your pet’s happiness, the best course of action is to go out and shop for the best cat scratching post, A.K.A cat scratchers.

Save for your house furniture, pet owners always want to give their cats the best toys they deserve. To help you save time and energy, here are a few tips on how to choose the right type of scratching post to bring home to your cat.

When it comes to cat scratchers, sisal hemp is always one of the most favored materials used. Just like choosing your own pieces of clothing, you also need to place an ample amount of consideration to the materials used to manufacture your choice of scratching post for your cat. Although there are various types cat scratchers, sisal covers are always one of the best choices, regardless of which pet store or online retailer you go.

How to Pick the Right Scratching Post for My Cat

However, not all cat scratchers with sisal covers can guarantee satisfaction to your feline pet. Apart from focusing on a particular product’s material, you also need to consider the height of the item you are about to buy.

Basically, tall scratching posts are often the best choices. Although you don’t necessarily have to go for the tallest cat scratching post in sight, it’s important that you consider the height of the scratching post you are about to buy. You have to make sure that the scratcher is tall enough for your cat to fully stretch his/her shoulder and back muscles in order to get more out of the scratching post.

In addition to the material and height, you also have to make sure that the scratching post you buy is stable and sturdy enough not to topple under your cat’s weight. Anything that easily topples over might frighten your cat causing it to go back to scratching house furniture or worse, it may even cause injury to your pet.

Finally, you also need to consider how much space the scratching post is going to take up in your house. As much as you love your cat, you don’t want to have the animal’s stuff and toys to add clutter to your house, right?

It’s also advisable that you choose a particular color you love just for your own pleasure. After all, cats don’t necessarily have preferences when it comes to colors as they are partially color blind.