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Savannah Cat Lifespan, Diet, Personality, & Size

Savannah cats are an amazing cat breed. With striking horizontal spotting and dark tear drops its no secret that Savannah cats are exotic looking. But the amazing part is they are actually considered a domestic cat breed and one of the largest domestic cat breeds in the world. Here are some information on Savannah cat lifespan, diet, personality, and size.

 Savannah Cat Diet

A Savannah cat’s diet should contain little grain content plus high in protein. Savannah cats cannot digest high grain content in commercial cat food. It’s extremely important you do not purchase cat foods that contain grains like corn as a main ingredient. Savannah cats do best on a high protein cat food diet that has higher levels of taurine.
List of recommended cat foods:
  • Taste of the Wild for cats (No grains added)
  • Blue Buffalo Cat Food (No grains added with cranberries)
  • Dry Evo for cats (Expensive 90% Meat)
  • Canned Evo for cats (90% meat as a treat only not a whole diet)

All the above foods can be purchased at a local tractor supply store. Blue buffalo cat food can be purchased at local pet store or online pet store. The blue buffalo cat food with cranberries has great results and helps prevent urinary tract infections. It’s far too common for new kitten buyers to change the kitten’s diet after bringing the kitten home. This causes their new kitten to get diarrhea.

Cooked chicken should never be feed as a whole diet as it does not contain of of the necessary vitamins and minerals a cats diet needs. NEVER feed cooked chicken bones to a cat. The cooked bones can splinter. Savannah cats are a very active and athletic cat that with out any exercise or if overfeed they will gain weight. Feed a quality cat food accompanied by daily exercise and you will have a happy healthy Savannah cat.

 Savannah Cat Size

F1 Savannah cat size can reach up to 26 pounds. F2 and F3 Savannah size is range can reach up to 25 pounds. The F4 and F5 Savannah have a smaller size than the F2 and F3.

 Savannah Cat Personality

If your stuck between figuring out the differences between a Bengal, Chausie and Savannah cat. The biggest differences from a Bengal and Chausie are Savannah cats are more energetic, normally they will be up all day long. They love to have fun, talk to you, and follow you around.

Savannah Cat Lifespan, Weight, Size, Personality, Images And Diet

Savannah kittens possess a wonderful personality and stunning traits such as walking on a leash or some play fetch like a dog. Keep in mind that all Savannah cats are unique. Many owners have reported a Savannah cat with a hundred foot tall personality. It's the Savannah fearless rambunctious nature that makes for great entertainment.

Compared to other cat breeds the Savannah cat personalities are;
  • More energetic
  • Very inquisitive intelligence
  • More playful
  • Loyal and bond closely to their owner
  • More agile
  • Fast learner
  • Most of them like water

Intelligence is the key. The Savannah cat is smarter than the average cat. Many owners report that the Savannah cat quickly learns daily routine and it’s not just limited to your habits. Savannah cats learn to open doors especially if the doors have push down handles. But of course its not just doors, cabinet opening turns in to quite the challenge. And a Savannah cat loves a challenge. 

The trick to living with the Savannah intelligence is to provide proper intellectual stimulation. Hitting a lifeless ball around all day is pretty boring! A cat needs engaging play that involves stimulating the brain to think, predict and react to a situation. Playing with a cat wand is a great intellectual stimulant. The wand can be unpredictable thus requiring the use of many senses and reactions.

 Savannah Cat Lifespan

Savannah cats are a relatively new cat breed. So far no health issues have cropped up common to the breed, approximately this cat can live up to twenty long healthy years in age!