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Why Cats Need Scratching Posts?

Cats in general are adorable creatures. They remain irresistible regardless of how small or big their size is. Cats are also ideal household pets as it is easy to take care of them. It seems that all they do is play around all day.

However, cats are also moody pets they also turn grumpy whenever their needs are not met. Cat owners need to make sure to provide them with all the things they need.

In addition to food and proper nutrients, cats also need a few things such as a durable scratching post. However, before you go out and buy one, you have to consider your cat’s size. This will help you choose better between small and big cat scratchers. Keep in mind though that you need a tall scratching post in order to allow your cat to exercise its back and shoulder muscles.

Apart from helping your cat to get enough exercise, a durable scratching post is also necessary for claw management and stress relief. As a bonus, providing your cat with a tall scratching post that it likes will also help you relax and take your mind off your house furniture and carpeting.

Persian Cat With His Scratching Posts

Naturally, big cat scratchers are more suitable for medium to larger sized cats. However, it may seem a little overwhelming for tinier kitties and instead of enjoying their new scratching post; they might not even go near it. So it’s really best to keep in mind to buy the right size of scratching post for your cat.

While small or big cat scratchers may be among the top essentials you must buy for your cat, you mustn’t focus on it alone. Your cat also needs a few other things such as its very own food and water bowls and other toys. Choose something that’s not made of plastic as a number of cats may develop chin rash from using plastic saucers of bowls. Your best bet is to choose non-tip stainless steel bowls or better yet lead-free ceramic saucers.

Finally, your cat also needs a few toys to keep him busy and preoccupied throughout the day, especially during days when you are busy. You can purchase any sort of toy for your cat just as long as you make sure it is safe for him. Buy toys that are free from any harmful materials or anything that is small enough that may choke your cat and most importantly, make sure they fit your budget.