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The Stages Of Life For Newborn Kittens

A newborn kitten is one of the cutest animals on earth. They are tiny, perfect, fuzzy little helpless creatures which need you to help them start a fulfilling new life. Taking care of a newborn kitten is no easy task, but, once you understand the phases of a newborn kitten, as well as what is necessary in each stage, you will be ready to take care of one!
A cat is considered a kitten until it is about two years old. It is considered a newborn from birth until three months. In those three months, the kitten will go through seven phases, each of which is essential to learn about.
When kittens are first born, it is important to leave them alone with their mother as much as possible. She will know exactly how to take care of her baby. If the mother is not present, then you will need to do some work, which I will explain.
The newborn kitten will be pretty helpless until they are about two weeks old. At this point, they should begin opening their eyes for the first time. Although the eyes are …