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Personality & Patronus: Tortoiseshell Cats vs Calico

Tortoiseshell cats differ from rest of the cats as they have patches of red, brown, black, chocolate or cream color on them. There are several forms of Tortoiseshell cats, however the most true or complete Tortoiseshell lacks white color.

Tortoiseshell cat is also popularly known has a Tortie and its fur is a mishmash of several colors. Patches on the fur are of different sizes varying from small patterns to large spots of color.  The size of the patch is directly proportionate to the amount of white present on the cat.

Tortoiseshell Cat Patronus & Personality

Tortoiseshell Cats vs Calico

Alongside the different color combinations, the markings on the fur are not symmetrical at all and the dilution genes are the reason behind different coloring. The patterns are totally asymmetrical and sometimes Tabby patterns of colors are found which are also known as Tortie-tabby or Torbie.

Just above the nose a split face pattern is found by virtue of which there is black color on one side and orange on the other. A tortoiseshell cats basically lacks white color, however if white color is found in decent amounts then the cat is known as a Calico cat. Calico cats usually have several colors present on their fur; however the most differentiating thing is the present of a white streak on their belly. Alongside this streak of white color, Calicos are famous for having loads of colors on their backs and their top side.

Torbies are complete opposite to Calicos as a Tabby Tortoiseshell cat has black as their primary color rather than a mix of different colors. In earlier times a Torbie was used to be known as a reverse Tortie. However these days a Tortoiseshell cat having black color as their primary color is only referred to as a Tortie.


The most striking thing about tortoiseshell cats is their difference in personality as compared to rest of the cats. This difference in personality is commonly referred to as “Tortitude”. Like most of the cats tortoiseshell cats are short tempered and totally independent, however they have a very contrasting behavior of being strong willed and extremely possessive of their masters as compared to rest of the cats.

A Tortoiseshell cat is extremely vocal about the things they require and they let their needs know by meowing loudly. Similar traits are also found in Calico cats and Torbies; however they don’t inhibit the same traits to such an extent