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This blog is born with many purposes; hopefully do not stay in the kind of purposes that are made in the New Year.

On the one hand, talk about cats , my cats, those of the neighbor, yours or those who have no owner. After all, if you got here it's because you were looking for it, right?

And on the other hand I also want to put my bit in the spread of knowledge on these beautiful animals. Actually, at the moment in our country, there is no proper feline culture: there are still those who think that cats are wild, dangerous animals, pets inferior to dogs or a thousand other things. For me it is clear what happens, we love what we know; we fear and despise what we do not understand. Well this blog will try to make it happen less and less.

I also want it to be a small memory of all that I am recapitulating here and here, pecking at forums, web pages, books, magazines or prints with other feline lovers. For many years I have been doing the same thing in notebooks or in documents on the computer, to which from time to time I give shape and order. But I think that doing it here; can be useful for me at the same time as for many more people, besides enriching it still more with the opinion of the people who are dropping here.

So nothing, long live the blog!

Kind regards

Fitri H.